【Tour guide】Kamakura Tour with 2 women

It was a nice day walking around in the ancient city of Kamakura.

My guest was 2 women from Canada & the United States.

(they are friends since the tour in Australia last year!)

First destination was Kotokuji-temple which is famous for Daibutu, the great statue of Buddha. It is quite big but it’s face expression is kind and calm… they said they liked it.

We visited Hasedera- temple, next. There is a little cave with many reliefs inside. They each is for a specific wish. They are beautiful in dark, cold atmosphere.

After we enjoyed soba-noodle lunch, visited Tsuruokahachimangu-shrine. They seemed to be a little tired, so just main attractions were enough. Walked around slowly and enjoyed talking.


I hope they visit Japan again and see you soon!